Gain health through food, complete nutrients according to your needs.
“Let food be your medicine” Hipócrates.


Green Food Gourmet

At Green Food Gourmet we are convinced that our contribution to society will help people to feel good and thus be able to enjoy a full life. After the approval of the bill for the Promotion of a Healthy Life and a Balanced Diet by the Junta de Andalucía, in its fight against obesity and eating disorders, and our social commitment, we decided to set up in this culinary project that will help you have a healthier life saving time and money.

We are a team of professionals made up of nutritionists, nutritional and sports coach, and highly trained chefs, with a great vocation for what we do. We are very committed to healthy living, the environment, and the health of people from a balanced, conscious and responsible diet.

What we do to achieve this is to offer healthy food, with 100 menus designed by our licensed nutritionists and for people of all ages whatever their routine, school children, office workers, athletes, elderly people, tourists, and those who want to lose weight. For this we have a large kitchen equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, we use local raw materials and first quality, 80% of our raw material is organic and seasonal, upon receiving it goes through our quality control and then stored completely separate of our elaborated products.

The team of professional chefs is in charge of the transformation of the raw material into the dish you will receive in your place, and once cooked, they are packaged using 100% biodegradable ecological containers. Then our logistics people will deliver it to you in the place and time you indicate, ensuring the cold chain in all our products.

The Equidieta Method

(Nutritional equipment)

The menus are developed by Equidieta’s team of nutritionists. His concept of personalized nutrition is based on the healthiest diet, which is undoubtedly the Mediterranean diet, incorporating the latest advances and studies on food programs to improve your health, quality of life and help you achieve your goal.

The secret of Equidieta is nutritional education: nutritional and sports coaching adapted to each person. The Equidieta method is a method of nutrition and sport for all and available to everyone.

Thinking about the


In addition to take care and make possible your healthy diet. We are also interested in the environment, choosing (as far as possible) the best packaging we can offer. That’s why before selecting the containers we make sure that the type of plastic is made up of them. For now, among the safest, are polypropylene and tritan, thus also preventing hormonal disruption in your body.

Polypropylene is the one that we use, it is recommended to be in contact with food.

Polypropylene, is free of BPA (Bisphenol A), is impermeable, resistant to temperature changes, without its molecular structure undergoes any change. It is considered Ecological


Choose us?

Because we have a social commitment; human and the environment.

Because we save time and money.

Because we use fresh products, and we work with producers in the area.

Because our menus are made with balanced nutritional pictures, specially designed for your health

Because we take it from the kitchen to where you indicate, like the “tupper of your mother”