Food and emotions

“A poor diet consumes physical and mental energy, affects mood and clouds the mind; It is important to include live, living foods that provide vitality. “

The question is because we care so much about what we eat, what ingredients we use if they are of good or bad quality, whether they are with or without sugar, with or without gluten, refined …

The issue is that we eat thinking, and not feeling our body, we are disconnected from it. And I mean that many times we put our eyes out and not inside, we can buy food or food of better quality, however if we do not prepare it and we do not connect with it, then it is the same as eating anything. Surely you have seen someone who eats everything, does not take care of himself and does so from such conviction and such coherence with that feeling, that there is no way that he does wrong.

However, many times we are angry, or sad and eat without knowing that we have ingested, or even prepare our family, or even worse to ourselves a dish from anger, sadness … and of course that way that dish, that preparation It will feel bad to us.
That’s why in Green Food Gourmet, in addition to having the best ingredients, we put the dedication in each recipe during preparation. We put intention, we put dedication in each dish, something very simple will be “simply” exquisite.

The accumulation of fat or fluid retention, has a physical and emotional origin, by some emotional block, sometimes marks us childhood or adolescence, many times we eat in abundance to balance what is happening outside and then I feel bad or distressed . Start by taking care of you, we help you.

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