Healthy and conscious eating

The importance of eating a healthy diet For some time, we have been becoming aware of the importance of healthy eating. That’s why our goal is to make your day by day easier with our nutritionally balanced dishes.

A balanced diet, with products from the area, prepared at appropriate temperatures and a slow cooking time, is paramount in order to maintain the nutrients and thus transform them in our body for a proper functioning and use of them.

And what Hippocrates said, “Let food be your medicine”. The pace of life we ​​lead, often makes us prioritize time before nutrients, and we end up buying products that satisfy us at the moment, however, they do not meet the necessary requirements to carry this healthy diet we are talking about. It is important that in each dish you include the necessary macro-nutrients:

-Hydrates of carbon

Depending on the type of diet you are doing, you will need to prioritize one or the other. In addition to always accompany it with fresh vitamins and minerals, seasonal, from the garden to your plate.
For all these reasons, we have designed in the hand of Equidieta, the best dishes combined thinking about the different objectives you have, and depending on the moment you are.
1. Vegan option, if you are wanting to eat less meat, but still do not know how to replace it.
2. Option Ovo lacto, if you are flexible and consume other types of products.
3. Fitness option, taking care of exactly the balance to achieve your goal Fit.
4. No TACC option, free of wheat, oats, barley and rye. In case you are intolerant to gluten or prefer to avoid it in your meals. (May contain cross-contamination)
5. Loss of weight, to help you loose those extra pounds, without giving up good eating.
From our kitchen to your table. Let yourself be taken care of by us.

Eugenia Guillen Leon-Nutritional Coach
Green Food Gourmet

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