How to start receiving the Menu

You just have to follow the steps, choose your diet based on your tastes or if you prefer in the nutritional information.

The second step is to select the menu of the day.
Then leave us your data, exact address and reference data (if needed office, door, department), and approximate delivery schedule.
Make your payment by card or Paypal.
We bring you to your newly prepared door.
We have at your disposal 5 diets available, all nutritionally balanced, designed by our team of nutritionists @equidieta.

Shopping guide

  1. Fitness (May include white and red meats, dairy, eggs)
    Weight loss (May include white meats, dairy products and eggs)
    Ovo Lácteo (May contain eggs and dairy, free of meat of animal origin)
    No gluten (Menu designed with foods that do not have gluten protein, may contain cross-contamination)
    Vegan (Without products of animal origin)
  2. Place the order:

Name and surname
Delivery address
Additional information (office, apartment, door)
Approximate delivery schedule
We send it to you:

First and last name of the card
Card data

Affiliation options

In Green Food Gourmet we take care of your health from the diet without neglecting your economy. That is why we have designed an affiliation plan with great discounts if you make your order in advance.

Choose your best option:


How we make our menu

We have suppliers in the area, with local and seasonal products.

The elaboration is in the moment. Our chefs have planned every day to the smallest detail. Prepare your dishes with the same dedication that you would for your loved ones. Caring for ingredients, quantities, and cooking.